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Pole Tricks and Spins

Beginner and Advanced Beginner 

The beginning class for building a confident, stronger, healthier you.  Learn the basics of Pole Fitness with a fun routine.  All tricks and spins have variations of dificulty to insure every student can participate and get maximum enjoyment.  Some of the basic moves include, climbing, fireman spin, pirouette and pole sit.  For these classes a pair of shorts and a t-shirt is best for movement and grip purposes.  Each Class runs for a 6 Week Term.  Cost is $145 for the full 6 weeks.  Book now and remember to bring a drink bottle  


Sundays 6pm, starting  6th June

Advanced Beginner:

Wednesdays  7:15pm, starting  9th June 

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Pole Tricks and Spins

Intermediate and 


This is where many more pole tricks and spins are taught.  These classes introduce students to inverting (going upside down), but no pressure to do so.  These classes do not run to a routine but music is always pumping. Each student will be given a worksheet to keep track of the many tricks and spins they will learn. some of the spins and tricks include reverse grab, martini, flag, and butterfly (Inverted).  Clothing for these classes are better to be muscle or racerback type tops for providing proper skin grip for optimal safety.  Pole Revolution also insure crash mats are used for any inverted or tricky moves.  Along with a drink bottle we recommend bring a grip aid too.   Cost is $145 for 6 Week term.

Mondays 4:45pm, Starting 7th June

Mondays 6pm, Starting 7th June

Tuesdays 6pm, Starting 8th June 


Pole Flow

Aimed at students who have completed a term or two of Intermediate level.  This class is all about using pole tricks and spins to combine together for combo moves that flow.  Pole Flow also introduces more floor work to aid in the flow of the body.  Perfect for those who prefer the more dance style of pole fitness or want to learn to put a routine together.  Pole flow encourages students to refine all pole skills and improve posture.  Students will have a chance to add their own flare and style.  

Clothing for this class is better to be short shorts, and a muscle or racer back type top for proper skin grip and optimal safety. Along with drink bottle we recconmend bring grip aid.  Cost is $130 for 6 week term.   

Wednesday 6pm, Starting 9th June

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Pole and Body 
Fitness Class

Pole and Body is a general fitness class aimed at getting the ultimate workout during 1hr.  We have combined all our fitness classes into one!This class involves upbeat music, a mixture of typical Off Pole exercises and On pole exercises.  But Don't worry the On Pole exercises are typically the spins used in our beginner class and/or using the pole for balance. Using your own bodyweight on a pole will build strength quickly.  You can take this class without having any pole experience.  Depending on the week we recommend comfy runners are brought to class just incase, but normally class will be no shoes.  Wear whatever you are comfy in, bring a sweat towel and bottle of water.

This class runs over a 6 week term.  Cost is $120 for 6 weeks 

Thursdays 6pm, Starting 10th June

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Pole Yoga

Pole Yoga is one of our newest classes where we combine yoga with the pole! There is no "regular" pole work involved (such as spins, going upside down etc) and the class is suitable for absolutely anyone. It is similar to a normal yoga class but we incorporate the poles with a variety of strengthening exercises, stretches and poses to give our students a unique and gentle workout. You will not only improve your range of motion and tone up but the class will also clear the mind and leave you feeling light and floaty.

Wear comfy clothing that allows you full movement, bring a sweat towel and a bottle of water.

This class runs over a 6 week term.  Cost is  $115 for 6 weeks

Tuesdays 7:15pm, Starting 8th June

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Kids Pole Fitness

Kids just want to have fun!  Lots of fun!  So Pole Revolution has put together a kids pole fitness class to get the whole family involved.  This class focuses on kids using there own strength to climb, learn basic spins, and master poses.  All while having fun they will have no idea that each class will improve the kids strength, balance, co-ordination, and self trust.  A gentle warmup and cooldown is included in each class, along with compulsary use of crash mats under each pole for added safety.  All of our instructors are skilled at assisting students to achieve pole fitness the safest way possible.   We reconmend one adult per family/student stay at the studio while class is in progress.  Kids just need to wear comfy shorts and t-shirt, bring a water bottle and a sweat towel to wipe down the pole as needed.  

*Aimed at Kids aged 8 years to approx 16 years*  

Contact for more information 

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Pole Curves 

This class is for our curvy bombshells out there who have always wanted to try pole but haven't had the courage to do it because they are worried about their size. If you are plus sized and would rather be in a group of similar shaped women then this is definitely the class for you!

We slow things down a little and work at your own individual pace which creates a more comfortable environment for our students. You will learn some basic spins and tricks plus we focus on building strength/flexibility and learning to love and appreciate our bodies.

One of the best things about this class is that our instructor is also curvy which makes it less intimidating for you. She will be working right along side with you as she also has her own personal goals to reach, therefore it creates a very supportive and relaxed environment for everyone.

For these classes a pair of shorts and a t-shirt is best for movement and grip purposes.  Each Class runs for a 6 Week Term.  Cost is $145 for the full 6 weeks.  Book now and remember to bring a drink bottle  

Sundays 7:15pm, Starting 6th June

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Come and learn how to express yourself through dance.  Over a 6 week term learn a coreographed dance to sexy music.  Burlesque at Pole Revolution is about having fun and exploring the illusion of sexy dancing while getting fitter.  Build up self confidence and self esteem in a safe and private studio.  Burlesque dance is not stripping.  During the last week we encourage students to dress up and invite a friend to enjoy the fun of the classes performance.  Performance in front of friends is optional.  

Wear comfortable clothes that allow free movement and bring a water bottle.  Shoes are not worn for this class.  Cost is $105 for 6 week term

Sundays 4:30pm, Starting 6th June



More classes to come!!

Pole Revolution will be introducing more specialised classes soon.

Any interest in the following please contact us for more information.....

Men's Pole Power

Lyra (hoop) Aerial 

Silks Aerial

Hula Hoop 

Contact for future class times