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Welcome to Pole Revolution 

Welcome to Pole Revolution, Tasmania’s first pole dancing studio, where we 'believe you can fly'


Pole dancing is fast becoming an exciting and engaging way to achieve a full body workout and here at Pole Revolution, we encourage both men and women of all ages to give it a try.


Pole Dancing has a variety of different styles ranging from entry level fun to competitive dancing. 

We 'believe you can fly' which is why our classes are designed to improve your strength, general fitness and boost your self confidence, all whilst having fun.


Pole Revolution is located in the heart of Launceston, Tasmania. 

The studio has nine custom made fixed poles, each with an amazing height of

3.5 metres.  

Each term, you have the opportunity to join us for a variety of classes that are designed for both on and off the pole. You can choose from a mixture of classes such as Pole Tricks and Spins, Pole Curves, Dance Flow, and many more.

Come and try our classes today and 'believe you can fly'.

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The Pole Revolution studio is located at 39 Brisbane Street, Launceston (inside the Masonic Hall). 

To ensure your comfort and privacy, we have a secure studio that is not visible from the street below and a separate waiting area that has tea and coffee facilities available before and after class.

Once you enter the studio, the magic happens!

You are welcomed into a large room filled with chandeliers and natural light, timber floors and full length mirrors.

Our commercial grade poles have been sourced from the leaders in pole and aerial fitness, 'World Renowned X-pole' and you have to option of choosing from a finish of either stainless steel or brass.

These come in a range of three different sizes to allow you to find your perfect match.

For those who require extra support, we also have crash mats for your protection and pole grip aids for sale. 

For our on the pole classes, we keep numbers to a maximum of nine students, to ensure that every student gets the most out of each class without having to share poles.

We are also offer Lyra Hoop classes, 6 lyra hoops in total for maximum safety.

For your convenience, the studio also offers separate male and female toilet facilities  to comfortably prepare yourself before and after class.

Pole/Burlesque Parties

Pole/Burlesque Parties
Pretty pole dancer practicing in the stu

For those looking to try something different for a birthday, bachelor, hens party or team building exercise, then  Pole Revolution is for you.  No experience is required, just enthusiasm and a fun attitude.  


Our parties go with the flow of the group but generally last around 90 minutes. 

With a pumping soundtrack to get you started, a gentle warm up will allow participants to relax and get acquainted while preparing their bodies for dancing fun. 


For both Pole and Burlesque parties, one of our skilled instructors will show the whole group a routine and then your dancing journey begins. 

The routine is broken down into sections to allow for all fitness and coordination levels to participate, with rest breaks whenever needed.  We also add a little atmosphere by having the participants come up with a Pole/ Burlesque Dancer stage name, with the opportunity to dress up in one of our costumes, and don a pair of dancing shoes, *wigs or *feather boas.  


We maintain a light hearted atmosphere to keep our parties entertaining, with different options for some of the spins, tricks or dance moves for maximum participation. 

Towards the end of the party, it is up to the individual/group if they would like the instructor to take pictures and/or record the dance routine.


We can't wait to make your next event an unforgettable experience, so contact us at Pole Revolution on 0400974183 for further information. 


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